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Your oral health is our top concern. At Abbotsfield Dental, we offer a wide range of treatments for patients in Edmonton. We practice tried-and-true methods of oral care with an eye to modern advancements in the field. Our dentists have extensive training and are committed to their ongoing education. We offer individually tailored care and do everything we can to make your smile look and feel great.

Pediatric Dentistry

Proper oral hygiene should start early in life. Teaching your children to take care of their baby teeth is the perfect way to practice for when their adult teeth come in. We offer pediatric dental services for the young ones in your family, and we’ll do our best to give them a warm welcome. The Canadian Dental Association recommends that little ones visit a dentist within 12 months of being born, or within 6 months of the emergence of their first tooth. If your child has dental problems associated with hygiene or mouth structure, it’s important to catch these early. Abbotsfield Dental is proud to offer family dentistry for all of your loved ones.

Dental Fillings for Cavities

Fillings are applied to teeth that have been damaged due to decay. We remove the decayed material and then fill in the cleaned out cavity with material in order to restore the tooth’s original shape, appearance and feel. There have been massive advancements in filling technology over the years, and we’ve seen everything from worn out fillings dating back decades to modern fillings that are impeccable in their look and feel.

Root Canals

Root canal treatment is part of endodontics, the field of dentistry focused on the nerve and sensitive inner part of the tooth. Root canal therapy addresses problems with the dental pulp (the tooth’s nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue), and it can help patients overcome painful oral health problems.

Extraction & Wisdom Teeth

Extraction is the removal of a tooth or multiple teeth. It’s one of the most common oral surgery procedures, as many people find that their third molars (wisdom teeth) do not fully emerge. This can become a painful problem, as wisdom teeth can grow in at awkward angles and can attract disease and infection because they are difficult to see and clean.

For these or other treatments, contact Abbotsfield Dental and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment. For those who have a sudden dental emergency and require immediate treatment for broken fillings, broken crowns, broken dentures and more, it’s important to get relief quickly and ensure these problems don’t become more serious. That’s why we accommodate walk-ins and last-minute appointments, so call us now for more information.

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