Teeth Whitening in Edmonton – Pola Day Whitening Kits & More

Teeth whitening is a very popular way to increase the brightness of your smile. At Abbotsfield Dental, we offer clients a range of whitening options based on their personal preference and dental needs. We’ll help you find the whitening option that works for you. You can turn back the clock by removing stains or discolorations on your teeth due to coffee, wine, cola or tobacco. Our other cosmetic procedures can also improve the appearance of your teeth.

Pola Day Whitening Kits

Abbotsfield Dental can help with your at-home whitening in the form of Pola Day whitening kits. Its high water content and whitening agents are designed with patient comfort in mind. Its high viscosity makes it secure in the trays, and it can be applied precisely in order to prevent waste and benefit your unique smile. It is spearmint flavoured, and even 15 minutes once or twice a day can create a whiter smile. The hydrogen peroxide whitening comes in various strengths, depending on your individual whitening needs. Learn more about the treatment options at Pola’s website.

If you’d like to try Pola Day or ask about what Abbotsfield Dental can do to help whiten your teeth, contact us today.

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